Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twin brunch!

We hosted a twin brunch today for a bunch of families in parents of multiples - 7 families made it (!!!) all with their ~6mo old twins. When it came time for twin pics everyone surprisingly made it to the couch ... except for two ... Cole and Wilson decided it was nap time no ifs ands or buts.

All in all, though, AWESOME morning! It's always a little stressful having people over (you never know how many are going to flake), not quite sure who is veg (we are definitely not) or what other weird food things people have, etc. This brunch was a great time, though - we shared stories and best practices on adventures in twinhood and all got to commiserate a little on the shared exhaustion. Can't wait for another.


varunner said...

Amber, what an adorable picture! The twin club here has been such a huge source of support for me :-) Don't know what I'd do without them!

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

Kudos at organizing the twin get-together...and for coming in 2nd in the race! Both big accomplishments.

I'm also a twin mom (with an older singleton). I co-authored a book called Run Like a Mother, coming out March 23. I’d love to have publicist send you a copy for possible review. Could you please email me your mailing address (pls. include your blog name as well) at bowenshea [at] gmail? Thanks!