Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life as a working mom of twins

Juggling work and life is tough (duh) - add in twins and it's tough and messy ... and so much fun. I have never been so exhausted/stressed/dizzied by everything and at the same time I've never been so happy.

Here are some recent examples of being a "working mom:"
  • I walk to work and wear my running shoes (but pack my work shoes) - this morning, upon arriving at the office, I realized I packed one short brown boot, one knee high
  • Yesterday I was running late for a morning meeting and had to drop the boys off at daycare, just as we got to the front door, Cole threw up a good part of his milk ... down my work shirt
  • Last week I was in a meeting with a vendor - I went to grab something out of my laptop bag (which I also use as a diaper bag ... no dirty diapers go in there, don't worry) and grabbed a squeaky toy instead - hah!
I have to say, the boys help kill the stress, though. Today, after a brutal webinar in the morning, I got home to giggles and hands grabbing at my face with huge baby smiles. Loved it. The whole day got better.

Plus, the boys remind me that it cannot be all work no play - life is still one big playground.

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Karen Martell said...

Amber, Cole and Wilson are absolutely adorable!