Saturday, February 20, 2010

Date night!

After 7 short months the "ohmyGodwe'rereallyparents" shock is starting to wear off (starting!) We love our foursome and I can't imagine life any differently. That said, "we" needed a "we" night (wait, that's too much weewee in one sentence, this is supposed to be a "grown up" entry) - an "us" night. When the boys first arrived Matt and I vowed to do date nights bi-weekly. That didn't quite work out what with colds, work schedules, and available help. I think date nights are hugely important, though so last night Paloma (the raddest nanny in the world) came over to watch the boys while Matt and I went out on the town. It was really funny, actually. We stepped out the front door and both froze - what did we want to do/where did we want to go?! We opted for a restaurant in North Beach and were not disappointed. Even though this date night was for us, we couldn't help but eavesdrop and laugh at the characters around us.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • On the corner of Green and Columbus (not a quiet corner) a man in a suit was giving a local street musician a lecture on the need to "keep it down" ... um...
  • After we finally picked a restaurant, we settled in at the counter (no tables open) and were immediately caught up in the stress-storm the owner brought. He was flying around behind the counter telling people how to wash dishes, cook things, where the bowls should go, etc. After he finished each lecture the recipient of that lecture seemed to smirk as the head honcho walked away
  • A couple came and sat next to us at the counter about half way through the meal. The man brought his own bottle of wine (not too weird but I still don't really get this as corkage fees + the cost of the bottle brought in are often more than the cost of buying a bottle from the wine menu). The waitress proceeded to open the wine and pour some into the woman's glass to which the man (who we wound up calling deeb for the rest of the night) stopped her abruptly and brought a black velvet case out of his pocket. I was so excited - I thought we were going to see a proposal! The man opened the case with care and slowly pulled out ... a personal wine decanter. Really?! Deeb.
  • We went to another restaurant for dessert and asked the waitress what a good spicy red wine was - her reply? "Let me ask my manager, she drinks a lot." Hah!
Oh date night, so much good people watching!

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