Monday, February 8, 2010

It was a great day, it was a horrible day

Sunday was the Kaiser Half. I ran this race last year at 3mo pregnant and vowed never to run it again - the combo of running in my orthodics for the first time (GIANT mistake) and the 4mile out and back (horrible race design) made this race less than fun. That said, a group of friends signed up and being one to always cave to pressure, I did too... well, I signed up very late so I wound up buying a number off someone from my run club (I could have run it bandit, I saw quite a few people do that, but I just can't bring myself to sneak into a race - it's like stealing and the guilt would kill me. That and I would probably wind up telling everyone and then donating more money than the price of the bib # to the cause behind the race).

So, here's the race report Clif Notes:
  • Linz, Brett and I taxi'd over
  • I had milk puke on my shirt from the boys' breakfast - Cole had a case of the barfs
  • At the start Mr. BO of the century stood in front of me - when I stepped right, he did too, when I stepped left, he did too - the stench nearly made me drop to the back. Nearly.
  • I went out WAY too fast - 5:38 (!! I still can't believe this, but Garmin says it's true)
  • By mile 4 I was miserable, mile 7 gave me a nice second wind
  • The out and back was horrible - just as I remembered - luckily I was in the front/middle pack so I only saw people coming "back" for ~3/4 - 1mi
  • I finished in 3:33:34 - a new PR by over a minute - happy happy happy! Of course it's a PR under someone else's name ... but whatever
Matt picked me up at the finish and we waited for Brett and Linz. Cole was eating kind of funny, but eating nonetheless. After getting home, the boys and I prepped for lunch and Matt went off to climb. About 2 bites into lunch I knew something as wrong - Cole is normally my eater, but he was pushing all the food away. I felt him and he felt hot hot hot. A quick temp check and I saw that he was 102! I started crying - it's really hard when you see your child is sick - then realized I couldn't be weapy, I had to be mommy, so I called the after hours clinic at the doc. They said to get him in ASAP so I called Matt's climbing gym (one side effect of having 1 car is the need to juggle who is doing what). He came blazing home and we packed the boys up to go to the doc.

Cole's temp spiked up to 103.4 and he just looked miserable. The after hours clinic was ... odd. The front desk guy complained that he thought it was busy because parents were trying to get their kids in before Super Bowl. Really?! Speechless. The doctor was younger than me (I'm starting to have those realizations I am "grown up" - I'm too old to audition for Real World (have been for years), too old for American Idol, and now I'm older than my kids docs - how did that happen?!) The doc was wearing heals and tons of makeup which I found totally odd. When I told the nanny this morning at first she thought the doc was a dude - only in SF would one think that. Funny. All the doc did as say "watch them" and gave them baby Tylenol.

Last night brought more sicks for both Cole and Wilson - Wilson started hacking around midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep. Cole woke up minutes after crying and weazing. We wound up getting up every 30min to sooth the boys but nothing as really working. It's heartbreaking seeing your babies sick - especially because when they're babies they don't know how to make themselves feel better (e.g. blow their noses). Matt wound up putting Wilson in the swing because he only was comfortable sitting up and I brought Cole into bed.

Poor boys.

Some morals:
  • When running, standing behind stinky people makes you go out faster - to get away!
  • Sick babies break your heart - holding them close to your heart makes them and you feel better
  • One sick twin equals two sick twins in a matter of hours

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varunner said...

Congrats on the PR! Sorry your boys are sick. Mine are too. It is so heartbreaking. I hope they feel better soon!