Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is going to suck

I hope the title doesn't make you think this entry is going to suck ... well, it might, but keep that to yourself :)

Over the course of the past 2 weeks I've found myself thinking and saying "this is going to suck" on a handful of occasions. The boys started solids recently, they're teething, and they're both still really sick. Here are some "this is going to suck" lowlights:
  • Cole had to get an xray last week (insert a picture of a really freaked out and stressed out mommy - me) - Matt and Paloma went and Matt said it was heartbreaking; the doctor stripped Cole down and strapped his arms up and his legs down - Cole was screaming and looking way too scared - I can't begin to imagine
  • Wilson has a bottom tooth starting to pop through - he also just got over an earache - his mouth hurts and ears hurt and trying to give him meds seems like torture
  • The doctor said to give Cole and Wilson both cough medicine through an inhaler - try giving an inhaler to twins who have stuffy noses, teeth popping through, coughs, headaches, and who knows what else (the build up to that was a definite "mommy daddy" mutual "this is going to suck" moment
As adults we know that things are going to suck so we get past them quickly, when we can. Bandaides - ouch, we know to pull them off quickly. Hill repeats, oof, we know to just truck through and get them done. Colds, ugh, we know to blow noses, take Tylenol, sleep, and get through it (babies do not have this luxery - it's new and it hurts).

I must say, despite all of the "this is going to suck" moments, it's been a pretty awesome week. Cole and Wilson are both smiling more than ever. Cole has turned into a jumping bean and he thinks that being held up means jumping time (not fun when putting on pants, but I'm OK with that). Wilson is an uber cuddle bug who has taken to nuzzling his face in my neck (awesome when it's just nuzzling, not so much when the coughing fit turns into milk pukes).

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