Thursday, December 31, 2009

Close the curtain, open the door - bring it, 2010!

And so it ends - a very busy (and spectacular) year.

In 2009, my resolutions were:
  • Continue to try new things - camp (I hate camping but I'll learn to love it)
  • Stay financially fit - cash is king!
  • Balance - work/life (not on a beam)
I didn't camp, but I did try new things (like pilates and spin), balance work/life (I'm thankful for my company and awesome co-workers for that), and tried my hardest to stay financially fit. Sort of - gotta try harder on that one. 2009 also brought:
  • My twins - they are introducing me to a whole new world and I'm SO thankful - I've never felt love like I have for them and seeing them see things in the world for the first time reminds me to open my eyes more and enjoy everything
  • 30 - for some reason this ominous number scared me, but I'm digging my 30s
  • Making new friends and "hanging" with the old - this goes hand in hand with the twins - we didn't know any other parents but we're forcing ourselves to get out there and meet some
In 2010, I'd like to:
  • Work on the financially fit bit
  • De-clutter
  • Meet new people
  • Run ... more
  • Stretch
  • Travel (we already have trips to Boston (for the marathon) and Santa Fe (for Lisa's wedding) lined up)

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