Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Traveling with twinfants

Tomorrow marks our first trip with the twins leading up to our first Christmas with them - and we're bringing on the snow - hurray! We're flying up/over to Mammoth tomorrow (we're breaking into the air travel scene with a short 1-hour flight). My goodness there's a lot of logistics involved in getting ready for twinfant travel.

The boys helped us get everything together this evening - they made sure the laundry was finished, reminded us to pack burp cloths, and provided constant entertainment while we blitzed around the house throwing things in bags.Our bags are packed ... to the brim ... some highlights:
  • PeaPod Travel Tentsfor the boys to sleep in
  • Bjorns
  • 6 outfits for 3 days (and I think we'll have to do laundry)
  • Milk (some to declare, some frozen in the suitcase)
  • Diapers
  • Binkies and backups - the boys are teething now so having something to put in their mouths is key
  • Blankets
  • Christmas gifts
  • Hand-me-down clothes for the boys' niece Rhiannon - who they cannot wait to meet!
  • Chocolates and ear plugs for all the passengers around us ... now, seriously
Wish us luck on this flight ... :o) should be an adventure.


varunner said...

At least the flight is short! I did a flight cross country when Pierce was 8 months to run SF marathon. One flight was awful but the others went really well. Hopefully you'll have all smooth travels. Happy holidays! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know how tough it is to travel with twins, my brother has twins, they are always found troubled while travelling!

Using ameda ultra these days!