Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Raising twins: San Francisco apartment style

As you can imagine, San Francisco apartments don't give much wiggle room for twins to ... well, wiggle. Our boys aren't crawling yet (oh God, what are we going to do when they start scooting around?! Eeeee!) but they are taking over the house. From cribs, to boppys, to bjorn chairs and swings, their stuff is everywhere. This isn't to mention clothes (they have more than me - that's hard to do), diapers, wipes, and wait - there's more! Food, bibs, burp cloths, books, squeeky things that have no real shape, I could go on...

For working their little legs, we got door jumpers (thanks to my old CEO):
Instead of Motion Activity Jumpers.

For toys we use boxes instead of Wagons ... OK, that's a joke - we'll get the wagon, too, but aren't they cute?!

At the table we already have two Tripp Trapps ready and waiting. Until the boys are in their high chairs, they get to join us for dinner ON the table:More tricks to come. For now, we're comfortable with the fact that yes, the boys get to take over the house.


Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Babies in diaper boxes are fantastic! Nothing like great baby pictures to perk up the day

Meghan Colvin said...

oooh! they look SO cute!!!

Emily said...

Cuties! I can't wait to see my favorite guys this weekend :)