Sunday, December 27, 2009

And so it went: our Christmas Tale

I love the holidays to a point - they're a great time of year to get together with family and friends, to splurge (within reason), and to (re)evaluate what's important. Let's be honest, though, the holidays are also friggin stressful! People lose the nice "spirit" when running from sale to sale and getting stuck in traffic on their way to (yet another) family dinner. So, to this holiday season - I have loved you and I'm glad you're over!

But before we say "The End" to the 2009 holiday tale(s), here is our Christmas Story:

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the skies
The twins were first traveling
Much more than a mile high

The boys ate on the runway
Then sat in our lap(s)
After milk pukes and plane poops (my God that was a big one - gross, potty talk, sorry, back to the story)
They settled in for a nap

When we landed in Mammoth
To the cabin we went to sit by the fire
The boys met Rhiannon
Who truly inspires

When out on a limb
Fine, it was inside, not out
Matty got sick and went night night
And Wilson did shout! (from 10pm to 5am - and shout, and shout and shout ... waiting for Santa?)

The morning brought Christmas
With presents galore
But the time spent with family
Meant everything ... no, more

It was a weekend of laughing
Of love and of life
We talked ate and played
No worries, no strife

Then Sunday brought goodbyes
And sent us back to the skies
A delay made the boys' day
As they sat in the pilots cabin - hurray!

Now back in the city
Heart full, mind and body tired
Thanks Grandpa (Don), thanks Grandma (Kathleen), Gabe, Amanda, Rhiannon (brother in-law, sister in-law, cousin)
You've left us whole - (subconscious) Scrooge, you're fired!

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MrsEm said...

Wow! The kids got to go up with the pilot - that rocks! They're champs.