Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like ... winter running time!

This weekend marked the Xmas relay - the race where run clubs from around the Bay Area come to show their stuff around Lake Merced. This is the second year I participated in the relay with GGRC, the second year it dumped rain on the relay, and the second year I had an awesome time! This year I brought my built in cheer squad - two Santa's and the best gift there is (Matty).

The boys in their sleighThe must pic: crying baby, bored baby, tired mommy
GGRC had an awesome showing with nearly 70 runners. I had hoped for 7min miles, but came in at 6:30s - woot! I think part of the reason for my speed this time is I wanted to get back to the boys and out of the rain. I have to say, despite it being a short race (4.3mi) the final stretch was a killer - it was an incline of about 400 yards - not too steep, but enough to think "who the H puts the finish line at the top of a hill?..."


Anonymous said...
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varunner said...

Love your blog. I had my twins about 3 weeks after yours and I started following your blog last summer to see how you were doing with the pregnancy. The twins are adorable (love the santa outfits)! Great job on the race...I'm amazed by your speed. I'm still trying to build up my mileage after being off running for 5 months while preggo. It's been harder than I thought!