Saturday, December 12, 2009

To do: make a book!

We have photo books coming out of the woodwork (heh, get it? They're all in our bookcase (which is made of wood) but they're a little on the long side and all different shapes (read, wonky) so they're literally coming out of the woodwork ... ) as well as online photo books in a handful of places.

I have now found a new way to archive my memories and it doesn't involve glue and stickers - photo book creation - it's a book making site called Blurb where you can import photos from different photo streams or your desktop, add text (or not), click and publish. I'm hooked!


Beth Bailey said...

Just found your blog...I am a trail runner mama expecting twins this summer! So, your blog is so interesting for me to I prepare for a new and exciting life.

I love blurb for photo books...and...did you know that you can "blurb" a blog? Blurb will "slurp" a blog and publish it into a book. Just thought you should know since you have such a great blog here!

Amber said...

Thanks for the note and congrats!!! I didn't realize I could blurb a blog - I need to look at that more.

I think trail running is good prep for twins - you never know what's around the corner :) and it's all amazing! Good luck and let me know if you have any qs.

Congrats again!

Beth Bailey said...

Thanks for your wishes! Wish I could run right now (especially now that our trails are beginning to be a bit snow-covered)...but first trimester had me so ill! All in time...I am starting to feel a bit better. Hoping to start XC skiing soon (if we get more snow) to get back into something physical!

I look forward to reading back on your blog to find out how you manage your time with running and the twins, etc. I will def. let you know if I have any questions! Thanks for posting this great blog!