Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the park

One of the many things I love about living in the city is the parks and people watching. After work when we pick the boys up from daycare, we often go to Washington Square for belly time (well, belly time for the boys, chill time for Matt and I). this week’s part outings have been hilarious.

Wednesday the boys worked on … sharing … more like stealing. Wilson and Cole were enjoying their binks (pacifiers) when Wilson decided Cole’s looked better so he reached out and grabbed it. Cole didn’t seem to mind, though.

Friday while I waited for Matt and his parents to get in from the airport, I hung with the boys in the square. A man walked up and asked “are those twins,” (a question I get often – really, though, do you think if I had kids back to back they’d look just the same in size and ability? Um…)

Me: Yes
Man: They’re cute! (proceeds to sit down – bummer, I don’t like small talk)
Man: Both boys?
Me: Yes
Man: Different personalities, though
Me: Yes (notice the trend of 1-word answers – a hint to please go away)
Man: So how old were you when you had them? 42? 38?
Me: 30
Man: Oh, you look old. I guess they took a lot out of you.
Me: Guess to
Man: That one (points to Cole) keeps looking at me – he likes me
Me: Oh?
Man: That one (points to Wilson) is active, the other one (Cole) is intellectual
Me: Yes
Man: Since that one is looking at me, I know he’s going to be straight. The other one is going to be gay.
Me: Um?...
Man: Are you Italian? You’re in North Beach.
Me: No
Man: What then?
Me: Irish plus a few other things
Man: Oh. Are you catholic?
Me: No

Man: I was raised (blah blah blah – to be honest, I zoned out – I sawa Matt’s parents in the distance coming and was SO happy to almost be out of the conversation)

When Matt’s parents came up I decided we needed “sun” time and we had to move. I think the man got the hint – he moved on to go talk to a nearby sign. Later, when Matt was there, we saw the man walking around the park muttering “maybe it’s time for me to have a baby. I think I need to find a woman to have my baby.”

Ah fun in the SF parks.

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