Monday, April 12, 2010

What a week!

Well, last week definitely put the juggling act to the test. We had our company meetup for which I was at the office 8am to 8pm every day, a customer conference that I coordinated, and over the weekend the meetup and the Luna Chix Summit overlapped.  I had been dreading this week for months - I knew I would get few to no workouts in, I wasn't sure how I'd manage Luna + work + the conference, and worst of all, I knew I'd miss the boys with all my heart.  Turns out, I'm married to some kind of rock star - Matt was the daddy extraordinaire doing dinner/bed/story time duty every day.

Here are the highlights...

The meetup was awesome!  It was fun seeing all of our out of towners in town.  Being in the parent camp, now, I enjoyed talking mommy hood with the other company parents (most of whom are daddies, but friggin amazing daddies who love their kids).

The customer event went off without a hitch (which is a first).  We dodged union issues by having the meetup at a place called Spear Tower in San Francisco (you could see the entire city from the windows circling the room). Reviews were very positive and we actually made money on the event!

The Luna Chix Summit was AMAZING!!!  The Summit opened with staying at the Larkspur Hotel in Mill Valley - it felt like a slumber party with 100+ amazing women athletes.  On Saturday we rose early for a quick run, then a track workout, then stretching, and finally a talk on how to coach and motivate women.  During the track workout I was honored to run next to a phenomenal Kenyan woman (who just ran a 2:40 marathon - her first marathon!!!)  We were doing a 6min fast run (to see what our V02 range was - mine is 90sec) and I was trying SO hard to keep up with her.  On lap 3 when she said "don't worry - I wait for you" I nearly started laughing ... only I could barely breathe.  She was just relaxing and running while throwing her hand out for a low five.

Saturday afternoon I went back to work for an Amazing Race corporate training/bonding event.  I partnered up with engineers from around the globe to run through the city following clues to get points.  Highlights included doing the cancan with our VP of engineering, making a pyramid with 3 developers and myself, and dancing with street performers in the middle of Union Square.  My team won which was a nice bonus!

Sunday it was back to Luna Chix where I led a run - it was supposed to be long, hard and hilly, but the dumping rain turned that into 3-mile hilly and then circuit training.  Thoroughly exhausted after the training, I made my way back to the city for back-to-back meetings, and then a Sunday evening company dinner wrapping up the week.


I did manage to get home every day for at least one meal, cuddles, laundry and dishes.  Had that not happened, I think I would have lost it.  Turns out running is a stress relief, but the boys are even more so.  Lucky!

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