Saturday, April 3, 2010

Off to the zoo for the Taylors two (well, 4 if you count the rents)

Today was bbbuuuussssyyyy (notice the emphasis on busy - does repeating letters drive home that we did a ton?)  This morning we rose, fed the boys, coffee'd up, and then took off to explore Bernal Heights and Mission District (our desire to buy a home is coming back full force).

When the boys woke from their morning nap, we were off to the zoo!  This was the first time at the zoo with the boys and it was a ton of fun for two reasons:
  1. The boys were in awe of the animals - occasionally just looking confused, and sometimes snubbing their noses at the monkey smell (now they know how we feel)
  2. The zoo was packed with strollers!  A rarity in San Francisco.  The cafe had tons of high chairs (vs. the 1-2 we usually see in restaurants) and the bathrooms all had changing tables (no need to run to the car to change the boys in the semi-clean trunk)

After the zoo we made our way to Berma Superstar (hands down, best food in the city) for lunch, and then went to a friend from SF Parents of Muletiples' house to stock up on hand-me-downs. A quick stop at home to change and grab more bottles and we were off again - this time to Chrissy Field.

This afternoon Matt went climbing at the rock climbing gym, and I brought the boys to the beach - another first, sitting in sand.  They loved staring at the water, but then Wilson decided to snack ... on sand.  No bueno.

Another quick stop by home, a fresh change for the boys (no time for Matt and I) and we were off to meet some other friends from POM for an early dinner with the twins (theirs and ours) in North Beach.

Home again home again and we're all worked.  The boys are sleeping and we're taking in Sherlock Holmes.

Tomorrow is Easter and we're hoping to have a mellow day.  I was joking with Matt that after forcing the boys on Santa's lap at Christmas, I should try to get pics with a Priest ... but don't worry, I'm not that coocoo.

 p.s. check out Wilson's cool doo from bath time - we don't cut/comb his hair, this is from him getting his head in the tub and us pulling him out.  Radness.

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