Friday, April 30, 2010

When the shit hits the floor

First off, sorry for swearing - I meant "s-word."  OK, not really.  Shit is more fitting. 

As we transition from winter to spring with wonky SF weather, and the boys transition from toothless to toothed it seems like the boys are leaking everywhere (allergies, drool from teething, you name it).  That coupled with rolling everywhere = a big mess in the house.  This morning when I was changing Cole, Wilson was basking in his nakedness in the sun on the floor.  All of the sudden, Wilson got super quiet.  I thought he had found his binkie to entertain himself for a minute ... nope!  He pooped and proceeded to roll around in it in the corner. 


Towards the end of the day I got a call from daycare that Wilson's eyes were swollen.  I ran from the financial district to North Beach (literally - mommy on the run in full affect - I think had this been a race I would've gotten a new PR) and when I arrived at daycare Wilson's eyes were both leeky and swollen.  Pink eye! 


I hope tomorrow is dryer to say the least.


varunner said...

I hope tomorrow is quieter and calmer. And I mean quiet in the good way - not in the rolling in poop way!

Anonymous said...