Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspired: triathlon

This afternoon while on a short 3 miler, I ran into a group of athletes coming back from Escape from Alcatraz - they were clearly tri athletes as they sported the running suite (swimsuit crossed with a running top) and were pushing bikes and, most importantly, proudly wore their medals from this morning.  I am awed by triathletes - the triple threat is just awesome to me.  I've done one tri - See Jane Tri - a sprint a few years back.  The swimming is a killer ...

The pride on the athletes' faces as they hobbled home got me thinking ... maybe it's time for me to tri again ...

Here are the ones I'm thinking on - anyone have CA tri recommendations?
Vineman - July 31
Santa Cruz tri - Sept 26
Tri, Girl, Tri - Oct 9

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