Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dance dance revolution - baby style

Getting the boys ready for daycare in the morning is a ... challenge.  They typically wake up at 6 and I try to entertain them before 6:30 (their breakfast time - we're all about schedules).  I used to be able to sit them on the couch while they eat (drink their bottles) and brush my teeth, but Wilson has learned to jump off the couch (or tip dip off) so now we all eat on the floor (they eat, I brush).  Then I change their diapers, get the boys dressed, and set them up with toys while I try to get dressed.  Inevitably one or both of them poop in their fresh diaper so we start the changing/dressing process again.  Post change, one or both of them proceeds to puke on me, so I too need to change.  All in all, a juggling act.

But then the fun begins - in the 5min before walking down to daycare, the boys stand in their chair while I sit behind them and we all watch the city go by ... this is my favorite time of day.



Emily said... cute!

Did you guys want to do dinner tonight? We could bike over :)

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