Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom's night out ... Babies!

Friday I met up with a group of mom's from SF POM for a ladies night out at the Kabuki (hands down my favorite theater) to see Babies.  It was pretty funny - us, a group of tied mom's of twins, headed in to see a show about babies while the rest of the theater was buzzing with 20 and 30 somethings in heels and feathers going to see Sex and The City (which I'm going to Tuesday). 

The movie was awesome!  There was no talking and it covered the first year of life for a baby in San Francisco, one in Africa, one in Mongolia, and one in Tokyo.  Wow do SF babies have it lush!  It was eye opening looking at the mom groups compared to the women in Africa sitting under trees singing to their babies.  It was also pretty amazing seeing all of the babies crawl around the same time, get frustrated at toys (or rocks) not working, and love their parents.

After the movie we went to the bar next door to catch up.  At the table next to us were a group of girls partying it up for one of the girls' bachelorette.  It was a funny juxtopasition - 6 moms with bags under our eyes and milk pukes on our sweaters (hot) next to 6 late twenty somethings with lacy panties hanging off of them.