Sunday, May 2, 2010

Found time

This weekend we had a packed schedule - a walk/race with friends Saturday morning, then a twin brunch, then a dinner.  Because the boys were sick, and Wilson's eyes were gooey, we cancelled the walk and brunch - we didn't want to infect anyone.  It's always a little weird going from packed to nothing ... and really nice. 

We kicked off Saturday with Blue Bottle (hands down best coffee), then we were off to cruise the city.  We're looking at where we might move next and while we're not ready to leave SF, we are ready to leave North Beach.  We made it over to Ocean Beach to "chill" with the boys. 

Then we were off to the zoo.  The boys got to kick back in their strollers while Matt and I got excited about the penguins and chimps. 

Finally, it was back home for lounging and napping in the back yard (all of us).

Today was a lot more mellow.  I went out in the morning to pick up some boxes of Luna bars (the season kicks off pretty soon and Luna gives us bars to share with the runners which is awesome). Back home we spent the day between playing in the back yard and the living room.  Ryan (Wilson's godmother) stopped over, then a co-worker, and finally my parents for dinner. 

All in all, a great weekend.

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varunner said...

They're so cute! I can't get Cort to leave sunglasses (or hats) on.