Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seattle's best!

You know, I wrote that and it just sounds wrong ... how about: "Holy Curd What an Amazing Dinner!"  or "Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" or maybe just to the point "Speechless from eating in Seattle"?

OK, enough on the blog title - let's get to the good stuff - food.  Last night Matt and I enjoyed our first date night in ... hm, 6 months maybe?  Too long, but things have been busy.  We got a babysitter and set out in the pouring rain to find a place my co-worker recommended: "Elemental Next Door" otherwise known of as "The END."  The restaurant is the sister restaurant to "Elemental" down by Gassworks park - the good news/bad news is this is in our hood.  Elemental serves set tasting menus only paired with wine serving six plates in all.  We decided to go to the pick your poison option of the two at The END where we could pick our plates and wines.

We walked in and arriving at a very blue plate special time (6pm) were the first people there.  When we walked in the waiter handed us each a glass of champagne, pointed to a roll of parchment on the wall and said "that's the only menu" then pointed to the back wall which was packed with bottles of wine from around the world and said "any half bottle is $15, any full is $30."

I wound up taking a picture of the menu partly because I wanted to remember it, but also with there literally just being this one menu Matt and I wanted to reference back for more plates.  We wound up enjoying persimmon salad, stuffed peppers, pate, an AMAZING quiche with bacon (all homemade and home cured), and a great dessert tart.  Heaven.

The only downside of the meal is with today being daylight saving's, we were ready to sleep in and sleep off our gluttonous last night.  The boys forgot it was daylight savings and were up and ready to rumble at 5am.  Yeeha!

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