Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow day, Turkey day, Rain day - YAY!

What a week!  On Monday it started snowing.  By Monday evening the roads were a madhouse, and by Tuesday Seattle was completely covered in white.  So covered, in fact, most of the schools were closed and my office instated a "work from home" option to avoid having people try to get on the road.

Introducing - snow day.  Our nanny couldn't make it Tuesday, so work from home day was a work from home / snow day with the boys.  And it was SO much fun!  Oddly enough the day was packed with nearly hourly phone meetings, but people didn't seem to mind the howling and laughing of the boys in the background.  Matt and I traded off play time with work time and the boys entertained themselves quite a bit.  One new achievement?  Lego palaces.

Thursday brought one of my favorite holidays of the year (second to Easter).  Thursday morning Matt and I packed up the boys and hit the road for Portland where we enjoyed an AMAZING Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt Laura's house with her kids (my cousins) Matt and Rebecca, their spouses, and their kids.  The house was full of babies and toddlers as well, of course, as good food.  It was funny, in year's passed, there was the "kids" table and the "grown up" table.  This year the "kids" table was really the parents of toddlers and younger table where we sat spooning mashed potatoes in between bites of our own and sips of wine.  Funny.

Friday the weather turned and we were greeted with rain.  Again.  The drive home was quite nice (it's a 3-hour drive from Portland to Seattle) - the only traffic was at off-ramps to malls.  When we arrived home there wasn't a speck of snow on the ground.  Crazy.  Seems the rain coupled with the "warm" 40-degree weather cleared it all up.

Now I'm prepping for the Seattle Half Marathon which I'm running tomorrow.  And by prepping I mean getting in some holiday movie time while the boys nap.

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