Monday, November 22, 2010


The weather outside is ... NUTTY!  It's snowing.  A lot.  This morning it was somewhere in the 30s, and now it's the low 20s.  I typically bike to work, but with all the black ice on the road I ditched the bike for the bus (lots of isms there, I need to write some musings soon).

On my way home I again caught the bus.  By 4:45pm (I don't usually leave that early, but when it's the first snow and the roads are bumper to bumper, there's no option) I was out the door and on the 16.  After 45min in traffic, and a 10-block drive to the Space Needle, it was apparent we weren't getting too far.  So apparent, in fact, that a guy across the aisle from me took a look at traffic on his phone only to reveal that cars were bumper to bumper for miles.  Another woman asked the driver "how long to Fremont" (the town next to mine) to which he responded "at least 3 hours."  Oh boy.  First off, there is NO way I'm going to miss dinner with my boys if I can help it.  Second, the bus smelled like pee.  I needed off.  So the guy across the aisle and I decided to walk ... the 4 miles ... up hill ... in the snow.  The walk was actually quite nice - I learned all about him applying to med school, his family in South Africa, his visit to San Francisco (where all he saw was China Town), and his hipster brother.  Just not a first name.  The problem was by the last few blocks home I couldn't move my chin anymore so conversation froze (get the funny use of words.  Harharhar - my humor didn't freeze.  Oh boy - own biggest fan.)

Here's a look at the front of our house just after dinner:

And here's the great snow in Seattle a few years ago:

I hope it doesn't get this bad.  The problem is it's already looking like this in front of our house.


Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Brrr! Great entry

MrsEm said...

Whoa! Does it always snow in Seattle? I had no idea. That's very festive for the holidays :)