Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hitting the trails

Another weekend, another race. This time I opted for a trail race - my favorite kind - and ran/climbed the hills of Mill Valley doing the Muir Beach 17k. I wound up placing 10th overall, 3rd female - the race was hard, but felt so good.There's something about trail running that gets you thinking - this race my mind wondered to work. I have to say, I work for an awesome company, and am lucky to have a boss that truly wants everyone on our team to succeed. That said, in the tech world (my world) there are very very few women leaders. I want to make it to "the top" (but not at the risk of being a bad mom/bad wife - no, I want it all). That said, in the interim, while finding glass ceilings and learning how to break through them, I have a new motto ... when you hit the glass ceiling, find a trail. Here's the deal - I work hard so that I can live well. I do enjoy what I do, but I do not live to work. Instead, I put good hours in, deliver the best I can, and enjoy what I can at work - but the real fun comes when I get to log off and "hang with the boys" and when I need my alone time, or when I need to feel like a "winner" I'll hit the trails - that's mine and I'm glad I have found a thing I'm passionate about that I can do for me. Wow, selfish :).

OK, enough deep thoughts for one evening - time to log off and play with the boys. Belly time anyone?

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