Sunday, November 29, 2009

So many things I'm Thankful for

This weekend marked the boys' first Thanksgiving and it was fabulous and exhausting all at the same time. Matt and I have been putting some serious hours in at work - 7-5 + a few hours after the boys go down, so we were thankful for the long weekend. In years passed, this long weekend marked some great lazy downtime. This year that definitely wasn't the case, but we did get some good family time.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) my mom called and she was sick. We wound up driving up to San Anselmo to pick up the turkey (my mom makes it every year) then over to Walnut Creek to chow down with the fam. Aunt Elsa was a Saint and moved Thanksgiving to be a lunch vs. dinner (the boys aren't so great at dinner times). Family was ... family filled with advice and commentary. Don't get me wrong - I ADORE my family really truly and look forward to the times we're all together. This year we had Grandma saying the boys were fat, one aunt saying they needed to be with us more (at the table) and trying desperately to get them to learn to count, an uncle in law saying they're spoiled, another aunt saying they should be put in a quiet room, grandpa walking around after the boys sticking his tongue out when he thought no one was looking to see if they'd stick theirs back, back to grandma saying they needed a dark room with a shut door and then switching gears to try to get them to pick a painting... I'm winded just writing this. All of the feedback and advice aside, I'm still one tired confused mom and that's OK with me. The thing that really prevailed throughout our feast was how much love there was for the boys and for our family, for that I'm most thankful.

Friday Matt and I were pretty beat up and tired from the boys. In the morning Matt went climbing with our friend and I walked around Chrissy Field. After that, to be honest, I have no idea what we did!

Saturday marked a house cleaner coming which was AWESOME - while she scrubbed, we ran errands stopping in between to feed and play with the boys in the grass. Today Matt and I each took time for our "things" - I got out with GGRC for a nice 5mi run over the bridge, and Matt went rock climbing when I got home. We're working on getting a better eat/play/nap schedule for the boys ... but that's a work in progress.
Belly time in the park

I'll wrap this tome with this - this weekend I realized I don't like turkey/stuffing/potatoes and I don't really like being frantic for the holidays (who does), but I do love my family (aunts, grandparents, extended fam, and most of all my boys (all 3 of them)) and I am so very lucky to be surrounded by love, health, and happiness.

Here's to making it through the holiday season in one piece.
p.s. here's what I get to look at as I write this

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