Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Roundup: Healdsburg Half!

This weekend was the Healdsburg half marathon and it was a BLAST! I ran the half with my run club and we all dressed as bees - the boys dressed up, too.

I wound up running my PR by three and a half minutes coming in at 1:34:02 and placing 4th in my age group, 13th female (out of 941), and 57th overall (out of 1438) ... and it felt GREAT!!!

Traveling with twins was ... trying - much more exhausting than the race itself. More on that later - all I have to say is thank God for Rob and Emily who came, cheered at the race, helped with the boys, and "hung" - we were celebrating my and Emily's 30th.

The boys in their costumes (p.s. we did not make Wilson wear the spider hat - it was enormous!):


aron said...

congrats!!!! i saw you guys after the race, my friend and i commented on your cute arm warmers :) i had no idea it was you!!

Amber said...

How funny! Small world/race - congrats to you, too!

J Bordewyk said...

1) Congrats on the PR! Must have felt amazing!
2) OMG on the Halloween costumes, they are such cute little bugs!