Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Gone are the days of sleeping in and being lazy... those were gone months ago.

We're trying to be more social now that the haze of the first few months of twindom.

Friday I hosted a jewelry/purse party where Jamie sold some cool stuff from Stella and Dot, and Karen sold purses that she designs. It was fun having people over - the party went 6-8pm (short!) but fit with the boys' bedtime perfectly.

Saturday I made my way up to Marin for an interview with Luna Chix. I drove the boys to San Anselmo to "hang" with grandma, then headed back to Mill Valley for the interview. After talking about what being a Luna Chix entails (and BTW, it entails everything I'm passionate about), we went for a quick 7.5 mi run. I wrapped my Marin trip by going to pick up my dad at the hospital - he just got a new knee (bionic grandpa!) After a whirlwind twin feed, I made it back to the city for nap time. Matt's old co-worker Amy and her husband came over for a great Thai dinner, and then we all (our 4some) crashed. The boys enjoyed a great 10hour sleep and we enjoyed a nice 5.

Today (Sunday) I met up with some parents from Parents of Multiples in Dolores Park. I almost didn't go because it was so misty this morning, but I'm glad I did. We don't know many parents in the city, let alone parents with twins, so it's nice catching up with others "in the same boat" - also, learning about others' sleep times, feeding schedules, etc. is super helpful. After the meetup, we made it to Whole Foods for a blitz grocery shopping spree (good pre-prepared food :) ), then, Rob, Emily, and Margarette came over. Emily cooked an AMAZING taco dinner topped off with a great tart.

I'm ready for another weekend now ... but no, I have Jury Duty tomorrow.

p.s. the boys are little giants now - it's unbelievable!

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