Thursday, November 5, 2009

Travel with twins

Last weekend we went on our first overnight trip with twins - we went to Healdsburg and stayed at Gipson B&B. We've done brunches and dinners out, the occasional trip to Grandma's, but nothing overnight. As with anything twin related, our weekend involved a lot of logistics.

We had to plan:
  • How many diapers to bring (we brought a case - overkill)
  • Where they'd sleep (we brought the Pack 'n Play)
  • Outfits
  • Burp cloths (we brought 6 and went through all in a day)
  • Feeding times and how it fit with drive time and the race time - we're trying to get into a better schedule for the boys for eat > play > sleep
What we didn't plan for was the fact that there would be SO much traffic on the way up (we had timed the drive so we could feed before we left and when we got there, but with the traffic from the Bay Bridge being down we had to feed on the road which means change on the road - tough!) What we also didn't plan for was the boys loving their Halloween costumes so much they turned into little social butterflies ... or should I say bees and spiders.

All in all the weekend was a blast, but definitely exhausting. The boys' nap schedule got thrown off and they seemed to hit a mega growth spurt going from drinking 4oz per feed to 5oz. They also decided nap time was for 3 month olds and they are "so past that" so they fought every nap.

Here's what I learned:
  • You can only plan so much - inevitably, the twins will have their own plans
  • Gotta go with the flow
  • Outdoor dining is awesome
  • Bring extra outfits for mom and dad AND the twins (we came back with a suitcase full of milk puke)
  • You don't need EVERYTHING (we brought boppys, bjorns, strollers, a pack 'n play, etc. - definitely didn't need it all)
  • Travel with good friends - we lucked out with Emily and Rob helping and hanging

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MrsEm said...

They were troopers, very easy travelers! You guys are ready for Paris any day now :)