Monday, March 29, 2010

Confessions of a twin mom

This is likely more information than you'll ever want to know, but these are the facts ... the truth, and only the truth.  Being a twin mom is the most amazing, awesome, wonderful thing imaginable.  It also is pretty darn gross - and the weird thing? I don't think "gross" is gross anymore. 

I'll explain ... here are some of the highlights of being a twin mom:
  • When we took the boys for a swim lesson, we tried to blitz and change them next to the pool (the other parents did).  Lisa got Cole swiftly into his waterproof diaper / swim suit and tossed his wet diaper.  I pulled Wilson's diaper off not thinking a thing and looked down to see my hand was full of poop.  Yep, good 'ol #2.  I didn't want to be "that nasty mom" by the pool, so I discretely put it back into the diaper (the boys are on solids - if you're a parent, this is all you need to know), wiped down Wilson, wiped myself, pre-rinsed, and jumped in the pool. 
  • Sometimes I go days without washing my hair - this wouldn't be gross if the boys didn't wipe their spit-up on my face and in my hair.  Who knows, with all these crazy beauty products, maybe someday this'll be one of them.
  • When I'm giving the boys their snack, I sometimes take a few melta-ways (think Cheerios for babies).  I can't help it - they're delicious.
  • The boys LOVE naked time.  When I get home from work I often strip them down and let them lay on the blanket in their room.  A few times the boys have wee'd on the rug - I blotted it up, but between dinner time, bath time, story time, and bed time, I neglected to do a serious rug clean.  Oh well, our building just got sold so maybe we'll be out of here soon anyhow ... so bad.
  • Sometimes, at 5am when the boys are howling from a bad dream, or just want to play early, I bring them into bed.  Matt says (and he's right) I need to let them self-soothe, but I always assure him that they will only learn that with cuddle time.  Makes no sense, I know, but I love early morning baby cuddles.
So that's it (ish).  The truth, the whole truth, the gory twiny truth. 

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