Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Roundup: And there was sun!

The rain has finally taken a break and the city was filled with sun this weekend.  The weekend seemed to fly by, and daylight savings time didn't help much.

This weekend the boys decided they much preferred being naked ... except now they time their peeing for when the diaper is off and I'm right next to them.
The boys also started playing together more which is amazing to watch.

Saturday I met up with the LUNAChix for a kickoff meeting to plan the season and head off for a quick run.  Then my mom came in for a walk with the boys which was great.

Today we met up with another family from Parents of Multiples for brunch at Park Challet.  The brunch was good and the company was great!  Their boys are about the age of ours (one month younger) and one of them is already crawling - so many adventures to come.  After brunching inside we made our way to the lawn to "hang" with the babies.

After brunch we came home to blitz the house (baby stuff is taking over) and then we made it out for a short walk.  While walking around the park we met some other local parents and all got to talking about how we love living and playing in SF.  Back home for a quick dinner (beets and chicken for the boys, beets and black bean soup for us), some emails for work, another quick blitz on the house, and off to bed!

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