Thursday, March 11, 2010

His hair will fly away

There is a dad at our daycare who we see at almost every drop off and pickup.  His son is two so it's a nice look into the future.  Today I was walking home from daycare with this dad as he carried his son on his shoulders (the son now is "too old for a stroller" but after two-blocks he is too tired to walk) and I pointed out the boys "rad" hat.
Me: "Our boys have the same hats - I love those but they won't stay on."
Dad: "We've never had problems ... maybe having hair helps"
Me: "Yeah, that and the boys not trying to put everything in their mouths - hats, socks, and feet are all foot food."
Dad: "Hah - yeah."

Dad: "Well when it's windy the hat flies off."
Me: "Now I feel better (they don't stay on all the time)."
Dad: "Then again, when it's windy Ronan (son) thinks his hair is going to fly off, too"

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