Saturday, December 25, 2010


What a terrific Christmas!  This was our first Christmas away from family in CA, and our second Christmas as a foursome (although to the boys it was still just another day with lots of colorful paper), but it wound up being filled with family, great food, and lots of love.

It seems like Christmas has being "going" for two months now - ever since the Halloween candy went on sale at markets.  The past two days cinched it, though.

Last night we enjoyed an awesome steak dinner.  Then, the boys set cookies out for Santa (after nabbing a few themselves).

 This year we ordered most of our gifts (twins + work leaves little time for shopping) and wound up having a very brown and white themed Christmas.  In other words, we didn't bother to wrap most of the gifts - what can we say, the UPS and FedEx boxes were just so festive.  Before bed our stocking were laid out and we were all on the lookout for reindeer.

Come morning I think Matt and I were more excited for gifts and Christmas festivities than the boys.  They kept trying to put their stockings on, and when it came to gift time climbing in the boxes and playing with paper was more fun than discovering the gifts.  What an awesome reminder - you don't need to spend tons to have fun with what you have.  The major hit of the morning, though, were the boys' P'Kolino Little Reader chairs.
After breakfast and a bit more play-in-the-boxes time, we packed up and made our way to Salt Point for a walk.  
 A nap and some more play-with-paper time and we were off again to my cousin Rebecca's for Christmas dunch.  We hung out with her husband's family, her father and his wife, and her kids and had SO much fun!  There is absolutely nothing better than being with family.

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