Friday, December 24, 2010

Early bird

Last night I was restless.  I don't know if it's the fact we watched Inception just before bed so I was over thinking dreams, or if I'm just too excited to see Santa.  The solution?  A 5am run.  And it felt great!  I rose with the first binkie drop and bawl this morning, laced up my Newton Distance running shoesand made it out the door into the black and still of the morning.  I saw two people on the street - a man in a suit at the bus stop, and a college kid on his way home.  I only made it about 3.5 miles with a quick out and back to the University District, but all in all it felt great and I'm looking forward to more early runs.

1 comment:

Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

I laced up the shoes you gave me (which I love) and went for a run at 10AM (early for me)! Feels good.

Miss you!