Sunday, December 5, 2010

We have a candy cane situation

It's that time of year again - the time when money seems to fly out of wallets, stress levels rise, and being on the large side and wearing a red track suit with fur trim is rad.  OK, that's glass half empty - the reality is I love this time of year - the holidays!  Seattle is perfect for the holidays as we've already had a bit of snow (it's on hiatus now, though) and the dark nights, city lights, and crisp air seem to scream "Christmas is coming!"

Today we made our way for the obligatory Santa pics.  Last year we waited in the rain to get a pic with Santa and this year, despite being in a rainier state, was much easier.  Much easier except Cole has the sniffles and Wilson has the toddler sense of "don't touch me ... unless you're mommy."

We went to Swansons in Ballard where there were real reindeer (no joke), a camel, and a donkey.  Walking up to the nursery we heard "should we get the kids out of here?..."  Odd, but we kept walking.  When we got to the animal station we saw that the camel was a bit ... excited, and was chasing the donkey around the pen and smelling it.  In other words, the camel wanted to do some Christmas merrymaking with the donkey.
We walked on and found Santa.  When it was the boys' turn to sit on his lap, Cole lost it crying and reaching for daddy.  Wilson just got pissed that he had to stay still and grabbed a stuffed reindeer and tried to stick it up Santa's nose (he has a new nose fetish) and in the process knocked over all of the mini candy-canes. 

After the pics as we walked away I heard Santa say, "we have a candy-cane situation over here."

All in all, though, it was a terrific day.  We finally got a picture with the 4 of us (pics like this are few and far between) and enjoyed walking around looking at Christmas trees.