Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Running clubs in Seattle

Now that we're finally settled in (took a few months) it's time to find a run club.  I LOVED my run club in San Francisco (GGRC), and loved leading run clubs for Lululemon.  I've been on the lookout for a good group in Seattle but was coming up empty handed.  Last week I drove all the way to Issaquah to try the "Seattle Running Club" - after a 45min drive, I couldn't find them!  Not their fault - I got lost on Cougar Mt.  Come to realize, there are MANY great looking run clubs closer to home ... and I'm looking forward to testing the trails with some of these groups and then finding "the one" ... or two.

In no particular order, here are some run clubs in Seattle - I hope this saves you some searching time:
Seattle Front Runners
Wednesday at 6:30pm at Volunteer Park
Saturday at 9am at Green Lake
Sunday 9am at West Seattle Stadium
Running & walking club for gay men, lesbians & friends

Fleet Feet Seattle
911 E Pine St Seattle, WA 98122
Tuesday at 6pm - 6 miles (7-11 min pace)
Thursday at 6pm 3.5 miles (10+ min pace)
Saturday – at 8am LONG RUN (10-15 miles; varying pace)

Eastside Runners
Varying locations
Tuesday Morning Run  at 5:30 am - at Bella Bottega shopping center in Redmond.
Wednesday Night Track Workout at 6:00 pm - at Lake Washington High School.
Wednesday Night Run at 6:00 pm - at Foot Zone in Redmond Town Center (Across street from REI).
Thursday Night Run at 6:00 pm - runs start at Bridle Trails NY Pizza in Kirkland.
Saturday Morning Run at 8:30 am - roving run every Saturday morning, year around, with breakfast afterwards! Great mix between Sammamish, Redmond, University District, Kirkland, Green Lake, Mercer, Bellevue … all over!

Nike Run Club
Nike downtown Seattle
Tuesday at 6pm 3-8mi

Skyline Running Club
Tuesday at 7pm track
Thursday at 7pm track 

Seattle Running Club
Cougar Mountain
Sundays at 7:30
10-15mi trails

Seattle Runners
Wednesday at 5:45 at Nathan Hale High School
Sunday at 9am Green Lake Starbucks

Seattle Greenlake Running Group
Greenlake Starbucks
Wednesday at 6am
Saturday at 7am in different places

West Seattle Run Club
Alki Beach
Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm
Sunday at 8:30am at Statue of Liberty on Alki


Jillian said...

Hey Amber- Long time reader(+ runner) (came via Emilystyle to your old blog). Moving to Seattle Monday to begin a postdoc position at UW, and have been anticipating having to search for a new running club. I'll be living on the north side of Greenlake (with a built in 5K loop!), and looking for a club in that proximity. Thanks for your list, it will definitely help my search. See you on the roads!

Amber said...

Welcome to the hood! We're in Wallingford - hopefully I'll see/meet you at a run club nearby. If you ever need a running partner or if you have any questions about the area, let me know.