Sunday, January 23, 2011


After a 6-mo waitlist, we finally got the boys into daycare part time here.  We lucked out and got them into a daycare my cousin had sent her kids to and loved.  It's not the same as our daycare in San Francisco (which we miss terribly) nor is it anywhere near as good as our first nanny Paloma (who set the highest bar for kindness and caring).  But it's pretty great!

The teachers there are amazing and really get down and play with the kids and all of the kids there are just the sweetest.  The boys are in a "class" with kids who are 12mo - 2years, although the majority are about their age (18mo).

On the boys' first day, there was painting time:

Story time:
And tons more.  The boys came home exhausted but so happy.

When I went in to observe one afternoon, I was reading a book to Wilson and all of the little kids started gathering around and sitting in the floor to enjoy.  The best part?  The boys love it.  They seem so happy playing with all of the other kids and exploring a new area.  Cole already knows how to open every cabinet, and Wilson is already testing boundaries of what he can climb on.

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