Monday, January 24, 2011

Farting during yoga - really?!

I just finished Bikram - second day in a row thank you very much!  The class was excellent ... except ... the guy next to me.  I know you're supposed to be in your own space, not think about anything except breathing and what YOUR body is doing, and let go of all distractions.  It was hard enough to shut down thoughts of my amazing baby boys and stop letting work sneak into my brain for the 90-min class.  But the guy ... 

At the start of class during the deep breathing, my neighbor starting groaning uncontrollably.  Then it was on to standing balance poses and he kept falling (no big deal) but every time he fell he would start laughing maniacally.  Finally, at the end of class during the twisting poses he ripped a giant fart!

On the bright side, the noises kept my mind off the outside world. 

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