Sunday, January 23, 2011

Extreme living

I've decided I like things harder, dirtier, hotter.  Go big or go home, right?  I took a Bikram yoga class today and I'm HOOKED!  It's funny, I like yoga if it's fast paced and moving, I can't hang with the deep breathing focused classes, but Bikram?  Love.

I'm much the same with running.  Running is my sanity check - it keeps me in line.  Road running is OK, but trails?  Anything 10-20mi?  Love.

Maybe that's why we have twins?  Gosh, if I did ironmen, would we have triplets? 

Back to the Bikram, the class left me feeling so energized and, oddly enough, ready and wanting to run!  It was great to really stretch out - the heat let me stretch muscles I thought turned to stone long ago.  It was also nice to warm up when it's in the 40s out (warm for here).  And the teacher was awesome - here are a few of her one-liners that I really liked:
"The pain is momentary - it will pass.  Go with it."
"You need to give yourself breaks to do better."

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