Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money saver Mania: make the ask!

Over the weekend I "happened" into Barneys to check out their end of holiday sale.  I can't really afford Barneys, but it feels so shiny clean fancy I just can't help myself.  I found an amazing dress, though, and tried it on and - yes, I did look 10lbs thinner, and yes my eyes popped, and no my wrinkles didn't show at all.  And the dress really did make my gray hair just disappear.  Well, kind of.  But it was pretty.  The dress was marked down over 75% (can you believe?!  That's like an investment - think how much savings that is), so I proceeded to the counter ready to make the buy.

At the counter the girl looked like I was bugging her (maybe because I wasn't wearing the beautiful creation of a dress, instead I was wearing jeans and a dirty jacket that had the boys' lunch smattered on it from their little hands).  Or maybe she was just too busy and important.  I decided to buy the dress to show her that I really did belong shopping at Barneys so I must be on the same level as her... very Pretty Woman, I know.  When she picked it up I realized there was a hole in the side.  I asked if it could be fixed or if there was another and she said maybe the seamstress could fix it ... she wasn't sure if there was time ... long pause.

I walked away from my perfect dress.  Crushed.

When I got home I went on the website of the designer - I found the same dress and, oh joy!  It was on sale. Just not as big a sale as Barneys.  Humph.  So I clicked contact us now and made the ask - the price match ask.  Low and behold, this morning at 6am there was an email in my inbox with a giant discount promo code just for me!  Happy day.

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