Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Travelling with twoddlers (aka twin toddlers) - New Years in SD!

We made our way to SD to celebrate New Year's Eve and ring in 2011 with family and friends.  We thought traveling last year with 6-month olds at Christmas was tough ... now they're mobile.  Traveling with twoddlers was rough, but with a few prepared necessary evils we were A-OK.  Here were our flight trips:
  • We got to the airport about an hour and 30min early and made sure to find the family check-in line
  • We had TONS of snacks and sippy cups ready to fill with milk
  • We brought books we hadn't read in a few weeks and toys the boys forgot we had
  • We brought lots of diapers - ya never know
  • We tried to stay cool/calm/collected - if we stress (traveling or not) the boys do, too
And it went great!  In San Diego we went to the beach twice and the boys discovered the joys of sand and of chasing the waves - we could barely get Wilson out of the water (and it was cold):

Kathleen is a great musician and the boys loved rocking out to her piano.
 New Year's day we got together with family and friends - seems the past few years were filled with kids!

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