Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend roundup: a few of my favorite things

What a wonderful weekend!  We had a mellow-ish weekend at home.  Friday was Matt's birthday so we made our way to Carta Oaxaca - best Mexican food in town.  The staff now know us (or should I say, our boys) so well all the waiters and waitresses came by to say hola during the meal.

Saturday I had a race - the last in the Cougar Mt. series, a 13.7miler on trails.  My bad running trend continued and I ran my worst trail half ever ... somethings gotta give, and I think that something is me working runs back into my daily schedule. 

Sunday morning we went to the Amazon company picnic which was AWESOME!  The boys had a blast and skipped their nap ... that part, not so awesome.  Sunday evening Lloyd, Emily, and Louis came over to pick blackberries and then we all enjoyed an early dinner.

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