Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend roundup: go go go!

This past weekend was a SUPER busy one - I'm still recovering, hence the delayed post.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Friday after work we went to my bosses house for a BBQ.  We couldn't get a sitter, nor could one of my co-workers, so we brought all of the toddlers and let them run (kind of - my boss has a giant beautiful house with a grand piano, no kids, and many breakables).  The boys found the stairs the most entertaining for a game of lay on the steps:
Saturday our friends from Boston came over for brunch, and then we walked up to the zoo.

Saturday afternoon our friends whom we met at the playground (how Fresh Prince of Bellaire) came over to talk about their impending move to San Francisco (sad) and pick blackberries before a mellow dinner.
Sunday we met Lisa, Frank, and Lila, Andrew at Mars Hill Church in the morning, and then Lisa, Lila, Andrew, the boys and I hung out at Farmer's in Ballard while Frank and Matt climbed. 

After naptime, Sunday afternoon we made our way to Nicole and Salil's for a BBQ (and many games of ring around the rosy).
Sunday night Lisa and fam came over to watch a Baseball game.  I honestly have no idea who was playing, but it was fun to hang out.

Last night, our neighbors came over for a mellow dinner and catch up - they just returned from Copenhagen (awesome!) and shared travel stories ... which made me want to hit the road :).  The kids all decided to "go for a boat ride" in the living room before taking all the pillows off the couch and jumping all over the place. 

Now it's all about catch-up - cleaning, working all the hours I should have worked this weekend, and prepping for another busy weekend as we're off to Portland this coming weekend.  Thank goodness for all the great Seattle coffee!

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