Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend roundup: Portland!

Time is going way too fast and I feel like our short but loved summer is almost over.  Last weekend we packed up the car and made our way down to Portland to visit my aunts and mom who were prepping for an amazing looking camping trip (my aunt Laura is a five star camp organizer and had meals planned out and lodging to fit royalty - no kidding).  We couldn't go camping because I already used up my vacation time.

The car trip was ... long, but the boys did a good job.  The vast number of "diggers" and "BOOOATS" kept them entertained for a bit.  At one point on the ride home, the boys were silent for a while, then I heard Wilson cracking up laughing.  When I turned around he had managed to get his froggy backpack onto his head and had been sitting there waiting for us to see.  With Wilson's laughter came Cole's attempt to get the backpack on his head (I say attempt because it turns out Cole is a bit scared of the dark so the pack didn't stay for long).  My boys are hilarious.  I think they should do standup.  No, I'm not that mom that thinks everything her kids do is perfect ... my boys are just perfect.  Heh.