Friday, July 3, 2009

36 weeks pregnant with twins - belly pics!

I've made it to the 36 mark - woo hoo! That also means I made it to the HMO mark (my PPO flipped to an HMO on July 1st) which is excellent because it means my hospital bill will be much more affordable. Everything from here on forward is just icing ... or padding on the boys.

Thursday we went to the doc, yet again, and he said "My goodness they're looking great!" I love hearing that. When we asked how long until we could expect to meet the boys, he said it could be anywhere from 24-hours to a few weeks - he's banking on me getting to 38 weeks. Oofa. While I'm VERY ready to be done, I also want rolly polly sleepers and the longer they go, the better our shot.

My bike on my beloved trainer:

Impersonation of being stuck in a doorway (believe me, I'm getting close - I keep bumping into it forgetting the belly is there):

Shield your eyes - lots of skin ahead:

My weekly non-stress test:

A non-stress test (NST), by the way (BTW) is a test to monitor the twins' heartrate as well as any contractions I may be having. "Baby B" loves kicking off his heartrate monitor the minute the put it on. This week, they did an ultra before the test and both "Baby A" and "Baby B" were heads down but kicking each others' feet - no wonder I'm at a loss for words sometimes, I have 4 little feet up there!

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Todd Parker said...

Hi Amber,WOW,what a BEAUTIFUL twin belly you had at 36 weeks!!!And NO I didn't shield my eyes,for I'm one who just LOVES lots of skin,especially when it comes to a big round pregnant belly like the one you had!!!And I just have to throw in that you also had a VERY NICE bellybutton!!!!!!!!!!!