Monday, July 27, 2009

Sanity Saver: It Takes a Great Network to Raise Twins

They look so easy when they're "at rest"...

Through our bleary phase, Matt and I are realizing how lucky we are. Not only do we have two amazing boys (I know all moms say this - but ours are truly spectacular), but we have an awesome network of support and help. Here are some of the key things we've been getting help with...

Brain and body breaks:
This past weekend Matt's parents came up to help with the boys and around the house and it was a HUGE mental and physical break. We didn't realize how much help we'd need, or how much we'd truly appreciate it until now.

Food glorious food:
Our good friend Emily has coordinated a food lineup for us where we get dinner from friends on Sundays and Wednesdays through mid-August. So far we've enjoyed a restaurant worthy home-cooked meal from Jamie (tortilla soup) and Burma Superstar (hands down my fav in the city) from Courtney. Linzy and her mom also brought over an amazing dinner Friday night of home cooked pork and greens.

Getting our ts crossed and is dotted:
My mom has come over a handful of times bearing gifts of groceries and lunches (mm mm GREAT!) She also helped go through all of our hospital paperwork and kickoff our finance planning - something my brain just halts at but she is amazing at.

Endless support:
As I ditched the makeup and occasionally the hairbrush, I've also ditched the compulsion to edit what I say and ask. I've asked my friend Leanne countless questions around what baby poop is normal (something I never thought I'd ask) and more. My dad is taking on fixing the strollers (a top priority as I'm not sure how much longer the boys will last in the Kangaroo pouches). We've also had terrific friends like Ryan and her sister Meghan (the baby whisperer) come over to see the boys and coo over them a bit - just one of the thousand reminders about how great these little men are.

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