Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And then there were four

I am thrilled to say our baby boys have arrived and are home happy (I think - they smile when they fart) and healthy. I'll start with the punchline - meet Cole and Wilson!
This past week has been pretty nuts, so I'll give you the abridged version.

Wednesday, July 8, my water broke - in the middle of an interview! No, I wasn't interviewing anywhere, I'm not so bold, we're hiring right now at work. One thing I should note, water breaking is not at all like in the movies or on TV - there's no gush, no pants wetting, no drama. Thank goodness! Imagine that poor interviewee if he had known. After calling the doctor he told me to head in to the hospital to "check things out." Then came the call to Matt - Matty flew over the bridge (he was at work) to pick me up and off we went not knowing what would happen.

At the hospital, we got checked out and admitted. I was allowed to go home for 1-hour to change (heals and work clothes are no way to be in labor) so we ran home to grab our pre-packed bags (and a few others - somehow Matt got to the door with 4-bags) and made a quick stop at Linzy's to hand her the keys to our place.

The final preg pic:

At the hospital we were admitted to room 207 where we waited (labored). It was a loooooong wait - around 2am I was dying of pain so the painkillers started. Jump forward 36 hours - Cole's heart beat kept dropping with each contraction and Wilson's water hadn't seemed to have broken yet. At midnight on July 9th our doctor came in to have a "stern talk" about considering a c-section. Knowing the side effects I REALLY didn't want to, but 26-hours and Cole's little heart made us sign the OK.

The delivery:
Off we were wheeled to the operating room where 4 nurses, our doctor, the anesthesiologist waited and the "fun" began. The c-section only took 20-minutes and by 1:14 and 1:15am on July 10th we had two perfect little boys.

Cole was the first out - he was eager to come! He weighted in at 5lb 12oz and was just perfect. Wilson followed immediately weighing in at 5lb 7oz and he too was perfect. Wilson had a weird growl, though, so after the scrub down he was admitted to the NICU.

What happened next:
What happened next was rather a blur. The morning and afternoon of the 10th were filled with nurses checking my vitals and then showing us how to breast feed (they show you this within a few hours of birth). On the 11th I woke up with a horrible pain in my stomach and everything started swelling. Nurses stopped to look at me and say it'd be already, then walk away worried. One told me that the swelling I had only happened in 5% of new moms. Great.

Hospital oops:
As the pain continued I was wheeled off to an x-ray. A few hours later 4-nurses came into our room and cleared out Matt's family. Scary. Turns out, a fetal monitor was left IN ME! At this time I was also told that if I didn't improve I'd have to have a gastric surgeon come and tube out my tummy - ick. So, I was put on liquids only - through an IV.

Wilson's story:
Wilson was put in NICU because his lungs needed a bit of help. He was put in a "hot box" to regulate his temp and have all his vitals monitored. Visiting Wilson broke my heart every time, but he was an uber trooper. In the NICU he was actually something of a giant as the other surrounding babies weighed in at 1lb-4lbs.

After two days in NICU, Wilson got out of the hot box. Then his air tubes were removed. Long story short, he was released in just a few days and we were thrilled!

We are now thrilled to be home with our beautiful boys! We checked out this morning and are getting used to feeding, changing, swaddling, repeat. In the hospital we did all the "parent things" too, but there were nurses everywhere if we ever felt too tired or needed help.

What's next:
I can't run for at least 6-weeks (I can barely walk - the IV drip made me so puffy my legs have turned to stay puff legs and my feet water balloons). I get 6-weeks off work to "hang" with the boys and am then working from home for 6-months. My mom is helping in August and we have just the best friends EVER coming by to help and volunteering.

To be continued...


Karen said...

I am so relieved that after some rough times all is on the mend...My best thoughts and wishes are with you and the entire family..The boys are perfect.


aron said...

CONGRATS on your beautiful baby boys!!!

My friend *just* (as in 7/12) had her twin girls and had a similar situation - csection after long labor and only one water breaking, one baby going to the Nicu who was 6+ lbs... who is still there so hopefully will be home with her family soon.

Glad everything is ok after some seem to be scary times! Congrats again on your beautiful new family :)

Todd Gardiner said...

Congratulations! The boys look absolutely precious. Enjoy.

MrsEm said...

Congratulations! They're amazing kiddos already!

Jill said...

Gorgeous! Congrats, and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Leslie Mountain Dragonfly said...

Congratulations! The boys are double cute!
I hope you heal up quickly.