Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Saving Tuesday: Shop Online!

We definitely have our hands full. And laps. And arms. And hearts.

The boys definitely have unique needs - when they're met, the boys are happy:

If we don' thave what they need, the boys are not so happy:

I prefer the happy and it's such a relief when we can get what the boys need - NOW!

Introduce - online shopping. Online shopping has saved us tons of time, money, and stress. Here are some of my new mom favs:
  • Diapers.com: great for diapers, formula (we have to use it to supplement and like to have something on hand just in case), toys, you name it! They ship SO fast - we ordered Saturday night and received our order Monday at 7am (the doorbell was shocking but a happy surprise)
  • Amazon.com: pretty much covers the field - I've been able to find furniture for the boys' endless onsies, accessories, etc. Amazon can prove more expensive than other sites so I've taken to comparison shopping when possible.
  • Barneys.com: OK, this one is for mom - a girl's gotta feel good, though! I only shop in their sale section and recently it's been only window (Windows - heh, get it, online in IE?... oh boy, my humor went out the door with my sleep). They have awesome sales on clothes and makeup.
  • Zappos.com: another one for mom - I love buying my running shoes here when I can't get to Sports Basement (a local discount store). They have free shipping and free returns. I guess it's part for baby too because mom's feet have to be ready to run when crying starts up.
And now my online time is up! Got a post in, not shopping - maybe after the next feed/change/nap.


Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Cute photos. More, more, more

MrsEm said...

Smiling bean! That is too adorable :)