Friday, July 17, 2009

The soundtrack of our lives

When I run I typically have a song lineup:
  • Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis to warm up
  • Bruce Springstein, Secret Garden to start revving
  • U2, Viva la Vida to pick up
  • Javier Martinez, Betty Davis Eyes to keep pace
  • Manu Chao, Cadestino pace still
  • White Stripes, Seven Nations Army to kick it into a higher gear
  • Pearl Jam, Life Wasted to keep new pace
Then I'll throw in some Madonna and Avett Brothers to hold steady 'til the end of the run.

Cole and Wilson come with their own soundtrack and it's backed up by the city - and it is amazing. Our neighbor is a music teacher so in the background almost all day we hear piano, guitar, singing, and more. Then, our downstairs neighbor's stereo kicks in with some mellow '80s as they're undoubtedly getting ready for the evening. We have the occasional parrot sighting in the backyard adding to the soundtrack and then the trolley flies by the front of the house adding a little "ding ding" (think SNL "more cowbell").

Cole and Wilson are the main event with:
  • Cooing
  • Wannabe burping (when they know it's almost burp time at the end of a meal they both grunt - I think they're faking)
  • Crying (this is the part of the soundtrack that breaks my heart)
  • Hming (when it's time to feed, Wilson folds his chin up, raises his brows thus creasing his forhead, and "hmmms" for a moment before opening up)
I can't wait to hear their soundtrack pickup. Minus the crying - that's a chorus I could do without (more because I feel so terrible when I can't figure out how to soothe them).

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