Sunday, July 5, 2009

Waiting games

When we were in college, Ryan and I studied in London where we emerged ourselves in both the cultural scene (museums, plays, concerts) and the 20-something London scene (clubs, travels, you get the picture). One night we mixed the two enjoying a pub and then a play (the play for school credit, the pub because we were 20 and we could). I have no clue what the pub was but the play was Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot." At the time I remember being terribly confused and bored by the play - sorry, have to be honest. Now the play seems more prevalent than anything. I'm in the waiting period, and while I'm not on some empty road musing about life and thereafter, I am waiting for the unknown.

I have to say, I'm not very good at waiting. That's why I live in a city - I like instant gratification. New shoes? I can go to one of hundreds of stores. Hungry? I can chose any type of food, Yelp! the restaurant to see if it's good, and get it delivered or pick up. Bored? I can walk to any number of parks and watch the melding of tourists in scrunchies (a nod to SATC) or city-ites and be entertained for hours.

Ready for the boys? I can't do anything really. Scratch that, there are tons of sites on the web detailing how to induce naturally. I don't think the walking will work for me - I walk 3+ miles a day and then go to the gym regularly anyhow. I guess I could try tons and tons of what made the boys in the first place (did you know what makes them can help them come out? How very Newton. Then there's always raspberry tea, evening primrose oil, black cohosh (what is that anyhow?), and more.

I think instead of waiting and entertaining the blogsphere with "deep thoughts" I'll take advantage of these last few days (week?...) of quiet. Here's what's on the docket: gym, explore San Francisco (the options here are limitless), explore the Peninsula (I always say I hate it there, but the reality is I've never really checked it out), read, watch TV (non-cartoon shows), eat (real homemade meals), ... the list could go on and on! I better get crackin'.


The Savvy Entrepreneur said...

You can always try acupressure. Worked wonders for me when nothing else worked.

This is the book I used:

Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Waiting for babies is improving your writing. Nice piece!

Karen said...

It is a great post...I for one am getting pretty excited out here in cyberworld...enjoy the quiet if you can..savor the moment..things will change soon enough!

My best,