Sunday, June 13, 2010

Confesions of a runner

I have a confession to make ... I haven't been feeling like running lately.  I'm not sure what it is - could be that things have been a bit on the overwhelming side lately (trying to buy a house, work and work, oh yes, and twins :) ), or could just be the weather, who knows.  Today I woke up, though, rearing to lace up.  So, after the boys had breakfast and went down for a nap, I got ready, and hit the pavement.

All in all, an awesome run!  But it was hot hot hot - bikram running, I guess.  I made my way up and over Union Street, turn up to Broadway and ran up to the Presidio (and when I say up, I mean up up up!), into the Presidio and down around the playground, then off to the golf course. Around the lake, up past the spooky old hospital (which they're now making into awesome looking apartments), around the campsite, by the beach, along the bridge, and back down along the water home.  RAD run. 

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varunner said...

Hang in there on the motivation. It'll come back! :-)