Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend roundup - party party party!

This weekend was back to back parties and go go go (and not the kind of party from my sorority (yes, sorority) days). 

Saturday, we looked at a house in Bernal (too ... different) and then went to the 1st birthday of Max and Kennedy, two identical twins from our SF POM group:
After the birthday we were off to Veronica (my co-worker's) baby shower.  She and Dennis were awesome hosts, and they're going to be amazing parents.  The party was in Walnut Creek at a great little pond with fountains and ducks everywhere.  My co-workers turned out to be great baby people and were amazing helpers with the boys during the party.

Today brought yet another birthday - this one for Yaccob, and ADORABLE now 1-year old who ('s parents) know how to party.
Leaving the party we were a bit on the exhausted side - but the great exhausted kind.

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varunner said...

Love the pics. I want to hear more about the house that was too different!
I gave you an award today on my blog :-)